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This General Career Reading will provide a look into your future and provide meaningful advice what matters most to you regarding your career. Each reading will consist of a minimum of 5 cards pulled, rather than a specific time duration. This ensures the messages are clear and complete for you.

If you have a special request for subject matter, please specify beforehand and the reader will tailor the reading to cover that subject. 

Career Tarot/Oracle Reading

  • By ordering this reading, you've read, agree to, and accept the following:

    • Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions
    • No refunds, unless otherwise stated on the product page
    • Respect the timeframe given for the order. Repeated messaging asking for an order status prior to the agreed time is not advised. 
  • Your reading will delievered as a link to a digital, unlisted video to the email address provided. The reading will be sent to the recepient during the designated time frame* listed on the page. This can change due to current availablitity.

    *If you have an urgent need for a reading, please reach out first to determine if that can be accomodated. The time fram is subject to change due to current availability; please read the current time before placing an order.

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