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This is a complete insight into your partner and what they're feeling in the connection (and about you). This deep dive, in-depth relationship analysis reading to help provide meaningful insight into the thoughts, feelings, and challenges of your the person that matters most to you. This is the reading most commonly ordered by twin flames, soulmates, and others looking for the best way to stay aligned with their parther (and the one I use personally). Each reading will consist of a minimum of 15 cards pulled, rather than a specific time duration. This ensures the messages are clear and complete for you.

The cards are:

  1. Their Thoughts
  2. Their Feelings About the Relationship
  3. Their Feelings About You
  4. Their Hidden Feelings/Influences
  5. Their Spiritual Epiphanies/Lessons
  6. Their Reaction to this Lesson
  7. Their Wants For This Connection
  8. Their Actions 
  9. Their Words
  10. Where They Are in Life Currently
  11. Where They Will Be in 6 Months
  12. Your Advice on How to Obtain/Maintain Union
  13. Future of the Relationship (3 - 6 Months)
  14. Future of the Relationship (6 months - 1 Year)
  15. Unexpected Suprise Spirit Wants You to Know About This Relationship/Your Person

If you have a special request for subject matter, please specify beforehand and the reader will tailor the reading to cover that subject. 

Deluxe Partner (Divine Masculine) Analysis Tarot/Oracle Reading

  • By ordering this reading, you've read, agree to, and accept the following:

    • Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions
    • No refunds, unless otherwise stated on the product page
    • Respect the timeframe given for the order. Repeated messaging asking for an order status prior to the agreed time is not advised. 
  • Your reading will delievered as a link to a digital, unlisted video to the email address provided. The reading will be sent to the recepient during the designated time frame* listed on the page. This can change due to current availablitity.

    *If you have an urgent need for a reading, please reach out first to determine if that can be accomodated. The time fram is subject to change due to current availability; please read the current time before placing an order.

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