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A Channeled Message from Jesus to Assist Twin Flames

The following is a conversation I had with a fellow twin flame. During this conversation, Jesus Christ chose me to deliver a channeled message. Though this message was originally for her, spirit has guided me to transcribe and share it with others on the twin flame journey. I hope you find His message helpful.

The personal questions and information have been redacted for the privacy of the individual. That being said, the overall gist and content of his message is still there.

Deep love,




It is Jesus. Hello Child.

Twin Flame:

I love that Jesus is helping us.


I help all who ask for my assistance.

Twin Flame:

This is beautiful


I am but a mirror.

Of your own divinity.

Twin Flame:

That's profound


Yes. But simple.

All divine messages are simple at the source.

Twin Flame:

Yes I'm afraid to open up to love


What is it about love that scares you, my child?

Twin Flame:

Loss of self


But you are gaining yourself

To experience true love is to know thy self

that is my message

Surely you have heard it

Twin Flame:

Yes I guess I just never experienced it

I would shut him out

He feels rejected by me


To know thyself is to know love. Where are you shutting yourself out, my dear?

Where are you rejecting yourself? We are but mirrors.

The mirror

Remember your reflection with the mirror meditation

they are signs from us, the angels of heaven

to look at the refection of yourself

to truly see what many refuse to see.

that is the mission of twins. to see the divinity of self and love it for the truth that is and shine it outward for all to see

You are prepared.

Twin Flame:

It's a high vibration

I'm not sure why I'm rejecting myself


Letting go is to step into the unknown with faith

do you have faith that we will watch over you and assist you as you raise?

do you trust that you will be truly taken care of should you start to fall?

Twin Flame:



then you are on the right path.

you must follow where we guide you, no matter how far or how strange the journey may seem

Twin Flame:

Im prepared


for we have the eyes to see the entire road where you can only see so far

trust and know that love is what will heal you and guide you through all things

and love is generated within

Twin Flame:

How do I stop rejecting myself


you must let the light hit all corners of your soul

shy away from no shadow

darkness hides all things

and the light reveals them

ask for a guide and they will come to assist you

you shall not embark on this journey alone

your divine twin partner can help you see these as well

for they mirror exactly what it is you run from

that is their gift and challenge to you

do you have any questions of me?

Twin Flame:

How will he help


he is your mirror

he will reflect to you

energetically in 5d he will show you

you can speak in that space and work together to conquer your challenges and transform them

Twin Flame:

Yea I think I'm afraid of that intimacy



Twin Flame:

Which is weird caz I didn't think I was


it is a choice

There is a human saying that goes

feel the fear and do it anyway

courage is the way we manage our fears

it is what you do in times of adversity that reflects your character

Twin Flame:

Yea I guess I don't need to be just feel the fear and do it anyway. 



You said what I said when I thought it


i am omnipotent

Twin Flame:

Yes I know 


Be blessed my child. You have the tools you need.

Twin Flame:

So what are my next steps


what do you feel is your next step, dear one?

Twin Flame:

Go into the fear


do not allow my presence and assistance to cloud your own intuition

you know what to do

you are capable and chosen for this reason

Twin Flame:

Thank you


I am going now. Be well.

You are most welcome.


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