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Channeled Message for Divine Love

Only you hold yourself back -- No one else. You have the power to unleash exactly what it is that you are looking for in your life. You must be willing to step through and take hold of this; the power is within your grasp. You must simply step forward without barriers, walls, or boundaries. If he were any other person, what would you say? If you were being honest with yourself without fear of judgment, which is merely a result of conditioning, what is it that you would convey? That is what you must do, whole heartedly, without self-judgment or fear, for that only begets more of the same. In order to truly ascend, graduate, and be free of the burdens you have been working to release over the past year, you must step into your innate courage and release that which longs to be free; your truth. What is your truth? You want to be seen and recognized for what you offer. You know your worth; this is no longer in question. You see the beauty of your soul and what lies within the depths of you. You know that in order to truly be seen, you must be honest and vulnerable. Vulnerability isn’t dangerous. It is only what may happen that could harm you, not the act of vulnerability itself. Therefore, fear of vulnerability stems from not living in the present and allowing fear based consciousness to cloud your foray into the future. This is not what will help you. To be free, you must allow yourself to speak freely, act freely, live freely, and love freely. There is no room for settling. There is no place in your life for anything other than perfection because that is who you are and what you resonate with. In order to call that into your physical manifestation, it is up to you to decree it and honor that commitment to yourself. Even if the circumstances do not unfold in a way you would prefer, which you have no confirmation of anyway, it would not be a negative experience for you would have truly released your attachments and expectations to a desired outcome. You know that in love and life there are no guarantees. Trying to hold onto something in order to refrain from loss will only cause struggle and tension and does not truly offer you what you seek. In order to live the life of love and abundance you seek, you must be willing to be authentic to yourself and release your grip on the concept of what you believe the masculine will be to you. Regardless of whether that vision is correct, the truth can only be revealed when it is removed from the box of self-imposed doubts and barriers. Imagine a glass box. You can see everything inside but you cannot truly touch/experience the contents within until the box is removed. You can only observe and guess what it would be like to touch what is within. Do you wish to live your life in a fantasy imagining what is within the box but never truly holding it within your hands? 

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