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What is it that your soul is calling to do? Do you know the answer to this question? If not, that's okay. Now is the time to delve in and become acquainted with the answer.

Each of us is born with specific gifts and talents. These, combined with our lives experiences, marry together to create a story that is unique to you. While this may seem hard to believe at times, sharing your story is necessary. You may ask yourself, "Why me? Isn't there someone better? Someone more qualified?" I asked the Universe this very same question this time last year, when I heard the call to share my spiritual gifts. In the depths of my soul I heard, quite plainly, "Others need to hear the message the way you deliver it." Thankfully, I listened. Here I am today with many new friends as a result of this calling and I am closer to being wholly myself than ever before! Perhaps, more importantly, I am blessed to be able to assist and uplift others as they navigate this journey called life.

My advice to you, especially when things seem hopeless and the path seems dark, is to look at what makes your soul sing and pursue it with fervor and diligence. Transmuting the woes of spirit into beautiful gifts for the world is a calling many artists, musicians, and writers have heeded throughout time, and is one of the most precious gifts of incarnation. Your service to yourself and the world may be more mundane, but isn't any less important. Embrace what you've been asked to share and leave your legacy of light upon the world.

Taking the leap towards authentically answering the call to greatness will likely be challenging, wrought with self-doubt, obstruction, and grief. These are merely tools to help you build the strength of your spiritual muscles. As you grow and overcome them, your sense of accomplishment and confidence will allow you to approach anything that stands in the way of you and your God given purpose.

What are you waiting for? Destiny is calling.

Deep love,


Instagram: DeepLoveSpirituality

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