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Divine Partner Versus Twin Flames

I need to share a message; divine love and twin flames are not mutually exclusive. Experiencing divine love outside of a relationship with your twin does not automatically mean you are running. The universe provides many gifts. Perhaps, it means you are ready to receive true love in your life. I am a soul blessed enough to have a twin flame and a divine partner in my life, because I was ready to accept joy. My twin is my greatest spiritual teacher and catalyst; my entire being is, and was, shaped for the better as a result of our meeting. I still feel love, though of the truest unconditional nature. Unconditional because it can manifest in any way, without perimeters to that love. I dreamt, prayed for, and meditated upon a life I could truly love, filled with innocence, passion, sweetness, and integrity. My twin lead me to it, but he wasn’t the direct bearer; he was the guide. 

I am in a beautiful and loving partnership with the purpose of coming together in love. It is full of balance, tenderness, and respect and gives us both so much. It is what we have always deserved. This love coexists with, and in NO WAY cheapens or diminishes, the deep and profound love I have for my twin, which is not inherently romantic in nature. They compound and build upon each other, making me more caring, healthy, and full of light to share. Conversely, the reverse is also true. I am not settling. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I am expanding with love that was guided to me (I suggest you research the Sikh prayer practice entitled So Purkh - life changing) and flowing down our shared path as guided.

I don’t know what the future holds. No one really does. What I do know, however, is I am deeply in love and unbelievably lucky to experience this pure sweetness of life and I know what I want and who I want in it. For me, that is my partner.

If I can create a love perfect for me, through art, song, and belief, you can too. Nothing is so magical or amazing as watching it appear in uncanny glory and breathtaking detail. I manifested a love that mirrors my love of self, and I AM beautiful, happy, and whole. Now it’s your turn, should you choose to be open. Deep love everyone, Melissa 

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